a brief note

i have been taken to longer posts recently, but i do not have time for that right now. despite that lack of time, i am sincerely trying to exert more discipline within my literary (not to mention spiritual) life. discipline; that one word conjures up an immense amount of emotions in myself. i wrote a few pages the other day on my lack of it and need for it. growing up, disciplined is probably one of the words most would have used to describe me. i did all sorts of activities, did my homework, brought home great grades, went to school every day, did my chores, didn’t talk back; i was a disciplined child in the sense that my parents would correct me when i was wrong and i would behave in an orderly and predictable manner. but that was the discipline of my parents placed upon me during my tenure in their home; that was not me. when i went off to college some of their discipline went with me, though it did not take long for me to deteriorate into my natural, lazy, un0disciplined state. to make a long story short, over the past 5 years i have been on a slow, arduous journey of remembering the forgotten lessons of my youth, the lessons of discipline and diligence. discipline is a┬ádispense-less┬áresource for an adult to have, especially one who prides himself on intellect and reasoning. so bear with me as i continue to seek a disciplined path for myself; one of daily devotions and reflections, constant prayer and study, marked with stewardship and love. i need to be ready to receive the blessing of the Lord, and i will get back to the state of readiness, a state i was in when He graciously introduced me to my wife (tomorrow is our 11 year dating anniversary!!!), and i state i need to be in if He is to use me for that which He made me.