"in the long run, human relationships are the most important thing in life; the modern “efficient” man can do nothing to change this, nor can the demigods and lunatics who know nothing about human relationships. God uses us in the dealings with others.
-dietrich bonhoeffer"

dietrich wrote this in the midst of world war 2, yet it’s resounds so clear today. a martyr in the nazi regime, bonhoeffer voluntarily returned to nazi germany, despite the fact that he would most likely be killed, because he knew that the only hope for his homeland was the Word of God. as dietrich states, God uses us to do His holy work on earth, and what a privilege that is. it doesn’t always make sense, it often times is uncomfortable, rarely will you feel like life is all it should be; despite these fleeting emotional escapades, never forget that as a child of God, you are His, and He has a plan for you. only you can do that thing He made you for; it is up to you to either be His conduit or run from your destiny; but i’ve learned over the years that even when you think you are running away, like jonah, you just might be running straight to the marvelous adventure He would use to shape your story.