excerpt from “the Society”, a work in progress

"there’s no shame in being a cog in the machine; nol shame in being a component. that is, so long as that machine, that society is truly great and awe-inspiring. being a part of a system does not neccesitate loss of individuality."

here’s what i mean: look at cars as an example. when you see a common, normal,regular old economy/budget Ford, setting aside any sentimental preferences, it is a basic machine. not elegant, not stylish and not “the best” at anything really. all of its components are mass produced and put together with relatively little to no customization involved. but now look at a Ferrari; every part, every piece machined to perfection; hewned to its optimal shape by skill and personal care. though machined they be, no two Ferraris have exactly the same parts as each individual piece is custom fitted to its car and role.

so should we be. cogs in a machine, yes; but if the machine is great, if that machine is unique, if that machine is fine-tuned to perfection then each of us cogs need be uniquely fit for our role. my challenge to you is not to cease to be a cog, but be a unique enough cog that the machine you contribute to may one day be called perfect.

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